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Customer Information

To our Valued Customers,
We are happy to provide you with this marina customer information packet. This packet will describe various aspects of marina operations and services. We hope you find this useful as you use the facilities at Turtle Cove Marina.

To our long-term customers, thank you for your continued choice to store your vessel here at Turtle Cove Marina. We look forward to serving you with superior care well into the future.

If you are a new customer to Turtle Cove Marina, we welcome you to our very special boating community. We hope, over the years, that you enjoy our facility and the beautiful waterways that we are all so fortunate to experience.

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this packet, please call our office at 727-934-2202. We are open seven days a week and our staff will be happy to help you in any way.

Several pieces of information have been highlighted as they seem to be popular questions among boaters. There are also some additions to this packet which you will find helpful.

From all of the staff at Turtle Cove Marina, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you.

Marina Management and Staff

  • Please call 1 hour prior to your arrival to have your boat splashed. We place boats in the water in the order we receive calls. Less than a 1 hour notice on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday may result in a wait time for your boat to be placed in the water. Please specify all provisions you would like placed on your boat. If you require fuel, please be very specific as to gallons or dollar amount you would like in your boat.
  • Your boat will be launched and waiting for you at the phase in which your boat is being stored.
  • The marina is NOT responsible for trim tabs or transducers that have not been returned to the upright position. There are devices that you can have installed in your boat that will automatically return them to the upright position when the boat is turned off.
  • When coming in after hours, please be courteous to other boaters that might still be out by docking your boat as far back in the horseshoe and as close to other boats as possible. If you tie your boat up in the middle of the dock it makes it difficult for others coming back in to find a spot.
  • Leave your key in the ignition after docking unless coming in after hours. After hours, please drop your key (clearly marked with your last name) in the designated drop box on the phase in which your boat is stored. Please ask a staff member for the location of the afterhours drop box on your phase.
  • Please return all carts to the designated area for the phase in which your boat is located. Each phase will have their own carts clearly labeled with the phase number. We ask that you do not leave carts in the parking lots or in the street.
  • For your safety and ours, please do not fuel your own boat. We have staff members that will take care of that for you.
  • Please do not take ice out of the ice machines as our staff members must log all bags of ice taken. Please see a staff member if you would like ice on your boat.
  • Please do not dock your boat in a wet slip around the Island on Phase III unless authorized or unless the slip is marked “VACANT”. All other slips are occupied, even if they are empty at the time you come back in.
  • Boats may be relocated to another spot to accommodate new boats moving in. Customers will be notified if their boat is moved.
  • We offer a $100 customer referral fee if you refer someone who moves their boat into the marina.
  • We will NOT place batteries on chargers over night.
  • Work racks will not be available Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Please schedule maintenance for your boat Tuesday through Thursday. The Marina Manager will determine if an exception may be made for an emergency situation.
  • All vendors working on a boat must have proof of current insurance and check in at the ships store to receive a flag to be placed on the boat while working on it. All flags must be returned to the ships store at the end of the day, even if the vendor will be returning the next day. If a vendor is accompanied by the boat owner, they must still check in at the ships store. If the vendor you are bringing with you does not have insurance coverage, you, the boat owner, must sign an authorization form giving them permission and assuming all responsibility for the vendor.
  • Please have dock lines on your boat in case all of our dock lines are being used.
  • We ask that all questions, concerns or complaints be directed to the ships store as we keep a log to ensure that you receive a quick response. If you go directly to a staff member in the yard, there is a chance that the proper person will not be aware of your issue causing you to become frustrated about not receiving a response.
  • If you have not used your boat for a long period of time, we will be happy to pull your boat down and fresh water rinse both inside and out. You may request to be placed on a rack Tuesday through Thursday if you would like to wash your boat and make sure it is ready for your summer boating season.
  • If slip payments are not received by the 5th of each month, your boat will be placed on a Do Not Splash List until the bill is current. You will be notified if your payment has not been received.
  • You will notice new faces from time to time as our dock hands are seasonal staff members and are often college or high school students that leave us when they graduate. Please welcome the new faces you see this summer!
  • Parking on Phase III is on a first come basis.
  • There is a designated “Loading Zone” on Phase III for all Phase II and Phase III customers. Please unload your car as quickly as possible and do not leave your car unattended. You may park your car in one of the 5 lots available. Parking is available on Phase III, Phase I parking lot, the lot adjacent to phase I and at the Clubhouse (both front and back lots).

We are enthusiastic about making sure each and every time you take your boat out to enjoy a beautiful day on the water that we exceed your expectations. We train our staff members to treat your boat with the utmost care and to be as helpful as possible to all boaters at Turtle Cove Marina. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, please let us know so that we may correct the situation as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a fantastic, fun-filled boating experience at Turtle Cove  Marina! “Are You A Turtle?

Let’s go boating,

Turtle Cove Marina Management and Staff